Thursday, October 29, 2009

our little acrobat

I have been feeling little flutters in my belly for a couple weeks now, but usually only if I'm laying in the fetal position, or scrunching my stomach somehow so that baby has less room to move about. However, today is the first day when I have felt all sorts of movement and fluttering without changing positions or anything! It is SO exciting and splendidly wonderful to feel our little baby swimming around and doing sumersaults in my belly! I am loving each stage of pregnancy, and it seems like each week brings about some new and exciting thing! The next change will be feeling the movement on the outside of my belly, which Daddy is very excited about! I'm excited too, because then he will feel like he is more a part of what is happening with my body! Every day it is becoming more and more real and more and more evident that we are having a baby in just over 4 months! I have my little bump now, I feel movement, and we are starting to get the house ready for baby! It is getting more exciting everyday, but I'm thankful we have some time, because we have SO much more to do :) And so much more to look forward to! I am determined to not wish my pregnancy away just because of how excited I am to meet our baby! Pregnancy is so fun, and so wonderful, so I am going to slow down, and enjoy it, because it will be over before I know it!

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