Thursday, August 13, 2009

cute cute

We had a fun filled weekend with our nieces :) They are hilarious, and so sweet! Samantha is talking up a storm, using full sentences, and Lizzie is giggling and sitting up on her own. It's amazing how much they change between visits! I wish we could see them so much more often!

We had a wonderful time with Jeremy & Kirsten too, as usual! Unfortunately we didn't have nice weather, so we spent a lot of time inside, but at least it was relaxing! We did end up going to the farmers market despite the rain. We got lots of yummy fruits and veggies, and had fun watching people admire how beautiful the girls are! As usual, the visit went quickly, but it was nice to not have to share our time with them...usually they come over for a few afternoons or evenings, but this time they stayed with us Friday through Monday, which was a really nice change! It's so much fun to have little ones in the house! We are so blessed to have two beautiful, sweet, fun nieces! It will be so much fun to continue watching them grow and blossom into little girls, and then young women! It will happen before we know it, so I do my best to not wish their little lives away! We won't see them again until Christmas, but it will be a very happy reunion! Everyone will be home at Mom & Dad's, and it will be a real treat! :)

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