Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh baby

Lately I have struggled with some concentration issues at work...I think about the baby in my belly with extreme anticipation, and sometimes I can't think about much else...What will my baby look like? What will its sex be? Will it have mommy's eyes? Daddy's nose? Oh I simply can't wait! 179 days to go! It will fly by, so I'm attemping to slow my life down a little bit so that I can enjoy pregnancy and get everything done in the seemingly short (yet forever long) time we have left! There are so many things to figure out, and think about, and plan for, but it's such an exciting time :) I sometimes still can't believe that God has given us this little miracle, but I sure am thankful for our little peanut! Today is the official 15 week point, which just blows my mind because that is only 5 weeks from putting me at the halfway point! In some ways, I feel like we just found out yesterday even though it has been 2 months. Time really does fly when you're enjoying life! I'm hopefully entering the "feel good" portion of my pregnancy. This is a very welcomed thought! I have definitely had my share of symptoms with this baby, but I am thankful that everything has been tolerable...I never felt like I was on my deathbed, which is a blessing :) And no matter what this pregnancy throws at me, i'm still (God willing) going to have a baby at the end of it :) And that completely outweighs anything that could plague me during this short 9 months! Thank you Lord for this precious precious baby! Grow him or her healthy and strong and prepare Jamaal and I to be the loving, godly parents you desire us to be!


Jessica said...

YAY for Baby Gilbert!!

J-mizzle said...

You're the best! Such a tough chick… I'm glad the roughest part of the pregnancy is over (not including "special delivery" day, of course)